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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dexter (S1-EP3)

This week, we learn a little more about Dexter's childhood, his foster father and his first kill. Miami PD finds another dead prostitute in a hockey arena, which Dexter describes as "like a present on Christmas morning." The Ice truck killer is at it again, and the cops are looking for the wrong suspect. Meanwhile, Dexter hunts what he suspects may be a budding young serial killer staying in a halfway house. This was the first episode so far that I found to be genuinely terrifying.

One of the only irritating aspects of Dexter is the recurring voiceover by Michael C. Hall. Voiceovers tend to be irritating, especially when they overexplain plot details that are already obvious to the audience. I hope that this element of the storytelling will decline as the show progresses, as it is distracting and silly. Mr. Hall is a good enough actor to convey his character's motivation through facial expressions and body language--we really don't need a disembodied voice saying things like "If I had a heart it would be breaking right now."


Blogger BiggSeester said...

There are always going to be small irritating aspects to any beloved television show. For instance, I HATE it when they call the murderer "the killer" on C.S.I.. I'm guessing that Dexter is such an unusual character that the writers feel compelled to allow him an inner monologue.

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