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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jackass II (2006)

I admit it: I saw Jackass II. And I laughed pretty hard.
The folks at Jackass deliver exactly what they promise--you get to see Steve-O, Bam, Johnny Knoxville and the gang all get abused horribly with comic results. Jackass has always made me feel a little uncomfortable because, quite frankly, I do not like to see people get hurt. Laurel and Hardy and the Three Stooges are one thing--they were physical comedians playing parts.The Jackasses are really hurting each other, and something about watching it seems lurid and grotesque. I really did not need to see someone have a leech attached to their eyeball. Holy shit, what are you thinking? However, I could not help but laugh at the limo filled with bees, the see-saw rodeo and Tony Hawke getting knocked off his skateboard by a giant swinging sandbag. Hilarious. The movie starts with the cast being chased down a suburban cul de sac by a herd of angry bulls. It ends with a giant musical number. Need I say more?

The amount of money I'd pay to see this film: $5


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