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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Guilty Pleasure Movies

Today, it’s my personal top ten guilty pleasure movies. Yes, these are movies that I watch alone, in my home, away from prying eyes and mocking words.

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen: Terry Gilliam’s fantasy was misunderstood when it came out in 1988. Although it is overlong and some of its scenes incongruous, John Neville is a smash as the title character—not to mention Robin Williams, Oliver Reed, Johnathan Pryce, Sarah Polly, Eric Idle and an 18-year-old Uma Thurman as the goddess Venus.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: It’s hard to argue that anything attached to the words “National Lampoon,” is awesome, but Christmas Vacation manages to make us believe. Randy Quaid is brilliant.

Con Air: Boy is this a dumb show, full of plot holes and two dimensional characters. But with John Malkovich, Ving Rhames, John Cusack and Steve Buchemi, not to mention a screenplay that is full of unexpected delights, Con Air makes for one entertaining (if brainless) diversion.

Caddyshack: It’s so dumb, and yet…I cannot look away. In a sea of fart jokes, there are some real gems here. Every time I hear the phrase “Going to bullfights on acid,” I start giggling uncontrollably.

Miss Congeniality: I generally avoid chick flicks like the plague, but I own this on DVD and watch it more than I would like to admit. The whole mess is held together at the seams by the charm of Sandra Bullock and the skills of Michael Caine.

The Cutting Edge: Did I just say I hate chick movies? Okay, I almost always do, but here is another exception. D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly as unlikely pair figure skaters. Even as I write, I am flushed with the ruddy glow of humiliation. Seriously, though, it’s cute, check it out.

Dracula, Dead and Loving It: "Young Frankenstein" it’s not, but there is something about this Mel Brooks installment that just charms the hell out of me. Peter MacNichol’s Renfield is the best I’ve ever seen (sorry Tom Waits).

The Transporter: The plot makes no sense, the acting is terrible and the sex scene is so random it makes the hookup Three Days of the Condor seem like a long courtship. Still, the fight scenes are flawlessly executed, the scenery is gorgeous and Jason Statham is glorious in all his shirtless splendor.

From Dusk Till Dawn: Three words: Mexican. Vampire. Strippers.

Ishtar: The most misunderstood film in history. This 1987 film starring Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman is hysterically funny! For god’s sake, it was written and directed by Elaine May!! I am often embarrassed to tell people I love this film. I can’t help myself. It was everything that “Spies Like Us,” failed to be. Long live Ishtar!


Blogger Reel Fanatic said...

Great list ... if I may add a few ... silly movies that I watch over and over include "Super Troopers" "Office Space" and "Dick," a very little seen and extremely silly spoof of Watergate with Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Wiliams

3:48 AM  

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