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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dexter Recap

Well, I just watched episodes seven and eight of "Dexter." Episode seven features a truly chilling psychiatrist who drives his patients to suicide. Dexter stalks him by seeing him for therapy, and the therapy turns out to actually be helpful. Meanwhile, we find out that Deb's boyfriend, Rudy the hot prosthetics doctor is—drum roll--the ice truck killer! Christian Camargo is suitably creepy as Rudy; the same character could have been played by Cillian Murphy, but I guess he was too busy being preternaturally good-looking. In episode eight, we find out that Dexter's biological father never died when Harry said he did, and that he's been living in suburban Florida. Living, that is, until he suddenly dies of a heart attack and names Dexter as executer of his estate. Of course, it turns out that Dexter's dad didn't really die of a heart attack after all--could it have been an injection of insulin from a mysterious "cable repairman?" Yes, and that cable repairman is, conveniently enough, also Rudy. Boy, Rudy really gets around! I am never going out with any guy who has a walk-in freezer in his apartment.